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 In addition to the backpack bag production line, we also have a screen printing line directly to complete the product on site to save time and cost to create a competitive position.

 In parallel with the support of the sewing line, our silk screen printing line can also serve or process for customers outside the need for silk screen printing for products: backpacks, bags, clothes.  , ... related materials.

 The Global Alliance prides itself on being a pioneer and fully licensed pioneer in the printing industry.

As long as you have an idea and need to make any product: Backpacks, bags, promotional gifts, .... We will help you to realize the finished product and details with a closed chain.  confidentiality from:

 - Find and meet the source of active accessories

 - Up design ideas and product prototyping

 - A complete production line with steps: stamping, cutting materials with precision laser machines, proactive printing, sewing products with a team of skilled workers, and checking finished products before packaging delivery

Some pictures of silk screen printing lines