• 1. Is your company a manufacturer or trading company?

     - We are a manufacturer with a current factory size is 4000m2

    2. What products can your company produce?

     - GA has 3 main product groups:

        +Direct production: backpacks, bags, suitcases, school bags, fashion bags, laptop bags, ...

        + Silk screen printing workshop for directly or processed products

        + Trade: hats, clothes, towels, cotton, ... to serve the needs of promotional gifts.

    3. Has your company ever exported? Which countries have your company exported to?

     - We have exported to USA since 2008 and Japan from 2009 until now

    4. Does your company produce according to OEM or ODM?

     - We produce according to OEM and we are planning to develop ODM from 2019

     5. What is your form of payment?

     - For domestic orders, depending on the value of the order, payment will be made in 2 installments: an advance of 30-50% after signing the contract, and payment of the rest after delivery within 07 - 20 days.

     - For export orders, we apply TT and LC payment, depending on short-term or long-term contracts and the amount of supply.

     6. What is the minimum order quantity for each order?

     - For domestic goods, the minimum quantity is 100 products or more

     - For export goods is at least 300 - 500 products or more

     7. Maximum production capacity you can provide?

     - Multi-function products for export: 30,000 products / month

     - Simple products for export: 100,000 products / 1 month

     - Gift products manufactured directly: 100,000 products / 1 month

     8. What certifications does your company have?

     - GA is currently certified:

        + ISO 9001: 2015

        + Wrap

    If you have any other questions about products or service

    Please, send your email to ours : cs@ga-bag.com

    Or call: 0986 880 313 

    Thank you !