• 1.  Protect personal information

     We are always aware that: Your personal account is completely private and should be respected therefore Ga-bag.com is committed to protecting personal information, information about the level of interest, not  Share with any third party without Your permission.

     1.2.  Use of personal information

     Ga-bag.com uses the information you provide for the purpose:

    • Customer care
    • Researching on product / service development
    • Notify you of new information (promotions, product knowledge, new products ...)

      1.3.  Share personal information

     You agree to share personal information in the following cases:

    • When Ga-bag.com suspects or realizes that fraud has caused damage to the system, Ga-bag.com reserves the right to provide Your information for investigation.
    • In case of a dispute with a third party, Ga-bag.com is responsible for notifying You and coordinating with related parties to resolve.
    • When Ga-bag.com receives a request from a competent authority.

    2. Other information

    • The terms of Ga-bag.com are subject to change and may take effect as a substitute for previous versions.
    • If you would like to comment please contact : cs@ga-bag.com